Seniors Tournament Rules


Senior Tournament Rules


  1. This is a singles tournament open to all bowlers who bowl in a USBC certified Indiana league, 50 years of age and over. The tournament will have an Open division and a Women’s division. To participate in the women’s division a woman must be a member of the State WBA and had previously paid any applicable women’s state dues. All other entries will be automatically entered into the State Seniors Championship OPEN tournament. There will not be any membership fees or Women’s State dues collected at this tournament site. Bowler must present a current years USBC membership card.
  2. Entrants must have reached their 50th birthday on or before April 1st. Age for tournament classification will be as of April 1st of each year. Entrants must have their birth-date on entry form or they will be put in Class E.
  3. The tournament will be singles of four (4) games with the three highest games counted for score. There will be an Optional Doubles event. Any combination of two Open division or two Women’s division or one Open and one Woman are eligible. Handicap scores for this event will be the scores bowled in the singles event. Scores are 100% handicap. No Doubles only permitted. Multiple participation shall be allowed in the doubles event. May bowl only three times in doubles with different partners.
  4. There will be an optional Team event. Any combination of four Open, four Women’s or any Two Open and two Women’s division bowlers are eligible. Teams will bowl an additional three (3) games. All bowlers must bowl in the singles event prior to bowling the team event.
  5. Entrants will use the highest certified Winter league average for last year based on a minimum of 21 games. If bowler did not have a Winter average, Summer league average of 21 or more games from March 15 through August 1 of the preceding year, will be used as last years average. If bowler does not have a last years average, use highest current average of 21 games or more as of March 1 of the current year. All others will use the following averages by class:
    1. Super S: OPEN – 150; WOMEN – 145
    2. Class A: OPEN – 155; WOMEN – 150
    3. Class B: OPEN – 160; WOMEN – 155
    4. Class C: OPEN – 165; WOMEN – 160
    5. Class D: OPEN – 170; WOMEN – 165
    6. Class E: OPEN – 175; WOMEN – 170
  6. The 10-pin rule will be in effect. If you are ten pins or more higher than your entering average as of the week before you bowl, you must use that average.
  7. Handicap will be 100% of the difference between the individual average and 220 for all bowlers.
  8. No previous prize winnings need be reported.
  9. Failure to use correct average shall disqualify score, forfeit entry fees and prize winnings if submitted average is lower than the correct average, thereby resulting in a higher handicap. Prize winnings shall be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average. Correction in average may be made in accordance with rule 319-A(4). If yearbook is furnished, verification is not required.
  10. Cash prizes will be awarded for handicap series scores only.
  11.  The highest handicap scores in each age group shall return to the tournament site, on a date and time to be determined, to bowl an additional three games (handicap) which total shall be added to the three games previously scored in the tournament. The highest handicap total for six games will be eligible to bowl in the USBC National Senior Tournaments (Open & Women) the following year. In case of a tie for first place, bowlers who tie will bowl an additional 9th and 10th frame to determine the winner. Class E excluded!
  12. At the State Senior Roll-off, all classes (except Class E) will have four Open and four Female bowlers that will return. Winners will be notified of their eligibility for the roll-off. Roll-off participants will draw for lanes.
  13. All other USBC rules will apply.