Masters Tournament Rules

  1. MEMBERSHIP: Each participant must have a current USBC membership in, and actually compete in ; an USBC certified Indiana Local Association. Non-Indiana residents shall be required to have a validated average of 21 games or more in an Indiana USBC certified league. Affiliate memberships are not allowed. Each participant is eligible to compete as many times in the Indiana Masters tournament as openings are available.
  2. The MASTERS Tournament will be conducted on a “SPORT BOWLING” Iane condition.
  3. ELIGIBILITY: An Indiana USBC certified league bowler.
  4. Walk-in entries on Saturday will be permitted until 30 minutes prior to the start of the final squad, subject to lane availability.
  5. No more than five (5) bowlers per pair of lanes.
  6. Each participant will bowl three (3) games across six (6) lanes. Each participant will be permitted five (5) minutes of practice on each of their starting lanes ONLY. No more than 3 re-racks will be permitted per participant unless authorized by a designated tournament official.
  7. All participants are required to be at the host center 60 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled squad. Management reserves the right to fill any vacancy 30 minutes prior to the start of a squad with walk- in bowlers. All participants are subject to ABC Rule 322 (a zero count for each frame missed).
  8. In the event of a tie for the 32nd qualifying position, there will be a one (1) game roll-off 60 minutes prior to the semifinal round to determine the eligible participant. If a tie remains after the roll-off, a 9th and 10th frame roll-off will be used until the berth is determined.
  9.  In the event of a breakdown or delay, the Tournament Manager will make a decision regarding the continuation of the game/games.
  10. All decisions of the Tournament Manager are final, pending any appeal to National.
  11. No individuals are permitted in the bowling area except the participants and tournament officials.
  12. Regular entries close at midnight, on the date indicated on the current entry blank. Full payment of each entry must be received prior to the deadline to avoid handling fee of $15.00.
  13. PRIZE FEES: Prize fees will be returned 100%, paid at least 1 in 5.
  14. A field of 32 participants will compete in the semifinal round on Sunday.
  15. A DRESS CODE will be enforced during the TOURNAMENT. Each participant will be required to wear dress slacks (no denim jeans, cargo pants, sweats or shorts) and a shirt with a collar. Mock turtle neck shirts will only be allowed if they have a bowling logo and meet PBA guidelines. No headgear or hats permitted. Those individuals not complying with the dress code will not be permitted to bowl.
  16. Bowlers arriving late on Sunday will be given a ZERO for each frame missed.
  17. Money order or cashiers check must accompany all early entries, NO personal checks. Cash is acceptable for walk-in entries on the qualifying day of competition.


Make checks and money orders payable to:


January 27-28-29 2017

Championship Lanes, Anderson

(formerly Coopers Sport Bowl)

Mail Entry to:

Jeff Circle – Tournament Manager
465 Buck Creek Road
Indianapolis, IN 46229

Jeff Circle

Tel: 317-440-7562